The Reluctant Traveler: TV Star(?)

Today I had the pleasure of appearing on WTNH’s Good Morning Connecticut, which is Ch. 8 here in the state. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness for Rare Disease Day, which is taking place this year on February 28th, and also to talk about my personal experience with a rare disease. I always enjoy opportunities like this to break out of my shell and reach new audiences. Many thanks to Quinnipiac and Ch. 8 for setting this up!

Some people have asked if I was nervous. Honestly, I didn’t find this to be any more nerve-racking than public speaking. The only time I got nervous, actually, was when I forgot the news anchor’s question halfway through answering it! I figured I’d just go into ramble mode and try to give as holistic an answer as possible – the last thing I wanted to do was be like “Uh….what did you ask again?” Rewatching the tape, I realized she only asked what it was like living with the condition, so no matter what I said, I would have been just fine. My memory isn’t the best when I haven’t had a full cup of coffee…

Below is a link to the video. If they put it on YouTube, I’ll update this post with the YT embed. Hope you enjoy it!

Quinnipiac University to hold Rare Disease Day lecture and panel discussion


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