A Nice Little Refresh

Ah, that looks better.

If you have been to this site before, you know that it looks a lot different now than it used to. Although I didn’t hate my previous blog template, I didn’t love it either. The capital letters in the title. The black band on top that really should have been an image but instead was blank space. The small font.

I spent a few minutes today browsing through the (free) templates WordPress has to offer. I settled on a theme that had a nice, clean feel to it. The picture unfortunately is a stock photo (all of mine were too pixellated when I tried to blow them up), but the New York skyline is an appropriate backdrop, as it was my home in the summer of 2015, and represents a happy milestone in my life with muscular dystrophy.

But I’m happy with how it looks. It is ready for prime time. Besides, although I am a perfectionist normally, I don’t want perfect to get in the way of good.

Hope you like it!

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